Bodrum Consulting & Translation is committed to providing an official translation service consisting of both
  • written and notary certified translations of official documents
  • oral translations at the notary public, police, court, in negotiations with lawyers or business partners
    Bodrum Consulting & Translation also utilizes a large team of multinational freelance translators who can translate literary text into numerous languages.
    The objective is to create flawless translations, therefore as a matter of principle, letters, brochures, websites, articles or books will be translated by native speakers into their mother tongue.

    Currently, Bodrum Consulting & Translation can provide local translators for the following languages: Turkish, English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Greek Written texts can be translated into numerous other languages.

    Prices vary according to the difficulty of the text, the urgency, the translation language and the nature of the translation (official or literary). Please contact us for details.

    Bodrum Consulting & Translation has sworn translators with all 5 notary offices in Bodrum These translators are also entitled to translate in court, the land registry office and for the police.